2 Factor authentication with Blockchain

Task & Deliverables:
Development of the private blockchain (DLT) security system for a Telecom operator as part of the existing 2 Factor Authentication system to achieve a greater privacy and data security of their users. The system was developed to track record activities of the users as part of the log-in security monitoring as well as to prevent identity theft and fraud activities.

The project was part of the cybersecurity initiative which would be part of inter-operator effort to ensure great security for their operations and data privacy.

The project implied integration with the existing Telecom operators’ network of modems which would replace the traditional trust factor.

The complexity of solution included:

  • development of data architecture
  • server development
  • Integration with the existing mobile network and systems (hundreds of modems)
  • blockchain scalability and speed of data transactions exchange
  • Push notifications via integration with international messaging services
  • iOS and Android app

Business benefits:

  • Greater security
  • Single KYC/AML (processes for customers of multiple services or accounts, i.e. roaming services) using biometrics
  • Preventing fraudulence
  • Managing identity of users
  • Enablement of secure automated billing and mobile payments via smart contracts
  • Potential inter-operator integration
  • Cost efficiency: elimination of a need for costly integration of legacy systems on a technology refresh