About Smart4tech

We Address What Matters

Integrating innovative solutions to address stakeholder goals and global needs

Purpose & Values

We listen to your business needs and trying to take into account the opportunities and challenges of the broader stakeholders, including one of the key ones – our Planet.

We think and work via partnerships with our clients and broader network to help to balance time, cost and quality to achieve optimum value both for internal and external stakeholders. We help to develop an inclusive approach for each project, taking into account a ‘bigger picture’ and intangibles that contribute to numbers: revenue growth, cost decrease, and ESG metrics.

Our Milestones

We constantly evolve and strive for new meaningful achievements .

2018 - present

Water & Impact Fintech Innovations

  • Development of a blockchain audit solution for accountability and transparency in climate change projects
  • Successful tech team and MVP launch of cross-border invoice trade finance platform, Finverity
  • Continue of concept development of Water Innovation with a focus on Integrated Water Resource Management & NEXUS
  • Deep dive on Product development and management
  • Research and publications on Blockchain & Water Innovation
  • Engagement with international organisations

Integrated Innovations & Blockchain

  • Research and publications on Blockchain & Water Innovation in Global Media
  • Chapter publication in the book Transforming Climate Finance and Green Investment with Blockchains
  • Research of Green Finance development and its integration with innovation
  • Submission of the Smart4 Water Hub concept to the National Infrastructure Committee, UK

Sustainability & Innovation

  • Start of the Water Innovation project
  • Start of the development of the industry blockchain solutions
  • Completion of the First Green BREEAM Certified Development in Ukraine project
    (as part of SCG London and in partnership with the local architecture company)

Strategy & Transformation

  • Development of Customer Centricity & Digital Strategy in Retail, Finance & Corporate sectors
  • Development of placemaking concepts in land use and office developments with a focus on sustainability
  • Social impact as a part of digital transformation for a large Bank (as part of SCG London)

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