Advisor, Water Risks & Climate Change

Raymond is an internationally recognised leader & author in sustainable water management in mining.

Dr. Upmanu Lall is the Director of the Columbia Water Center, the Alan and Carol Silberstein Professor of Engineering, and the Chair of the Dept. of Earth & Environmental Engineering at Columbia University. He has broad interests hydrology, climate dynamics, water resource systems analysis, risk management & sustainability. He is motivated by challenging questions at the intersection of these fields with the focus on relevance to societal outcomes & advancement of science towards innovative application.

Advisor, Sustainable Finance & Risk

Ernest brings a global investment banking and investment management background from three continents: Asia, Europe (UK, EU, Switzerland) and North America. Country and global responsibility for managers across geographies covering business, operations and technology, compliance, risk, finance, portfolio investment management, audit, and governance.

Tech Expert & Advisor

Oleg is the technology expert who designed & developed numerous complex systems for private and public sectors, covering IoT, machine learning, AI, object recognition & blockchain technologies. He contributed to a designed of S4Hub. He designed & developed invoice trade finance platform. Oleg developed Blockchain Anti- counterfeit solution in public sector. He also developed track & trace transparency solution for end-to-end supply chain, and developed numerous machine learning algorithms. He owns 2 copyrights in biotech & biometrics.

Founder & CEO

Anna is a strategic and innovation expert with a focus on the impact business, Sustainable Development, blockchain and green finance. Founder of Smart4tech – the key focus of the project to address water efficiency and security through the merge of the circular economy, innovation, and finance. The project is closely interconnected with Waste, Energy, & Carbon sectors. Author of the Water Trade Finance chapter in the book Transforming Climate Finance and Green Investment with Blockchains. Contributor to the UN COP24, Bloomberg Environment, Global Water Intelligence, The Water Report UK and EBRD publications and discussions


Alex has been 15 years+ in technology innovation, including AI, blockchain & cybersecurity. He advised to a number complex projects on big data across shared value chains, including defence, agriculture, business intelligence & resource management sectors. Alex is part of the innovation workgroup in NATO. He gained recognition at the 2016 IBM MWC Glovatorschallenge for AI – transparency project. He also co-launched & led Luxoft’s Arm, one of the globally largest technology companies, in Ukraine.