Invoice Trade Finance Platform

Combining her technical and business expertise, Anna was deeply involved in the Finverity project. She was working for over a year, developing a project and product from an idea to a business level together with co-founders.

Task & Project Deliverables:

  • Technology team creation
  • MVP development
  • Business and modules development & integration: KYC, FX, international and local payments, segregated bank accounts)
  • Technical modules: hybrid database, SAP Hana, business applications, blockchain
  • Raising liquidity funding for MVP transactions
  • Global business & partnerships development, including largest food wholesalers and retailers

Finverity is a blockchain-based cross-border invoice trading platform. It connects investors from developed markets with the high yielding opportunities in developing markets. Investors provide liquidity to SMEs against the verified invoices they issue to large domestic and international companies (Invoice Payers) that buy their goods/ services.
Finverity provides Supply Chain Finance and Invoice discounting solutions through a sophisticated automation layer that can add efficiency to a company’s payment terms with domestic and international suppliers.

Platform features:

  • Invoice Discounting System
  • Reducing the risk of Supply Chain Failure
  • Payment Terms & New Suppliers
  • FX Risk and Cost mitigation
  • Data, Statistics and Suggestions