Track & Trace System on blockchain, Pharma Industry

Tasks & Challenges

The task was to design and implement an end-to-end supply chain solution for a manufacturing industry that would improve operational efficiency, reduce risks and decrease associated costs with inventory management and excessive data reconciliation using hybrid database architecture powered by blockchain. The project won against IBM and GS1 and was fully implemented during a pilot stage and tested in a full scale production mode.

The automated digital platform enhances accountability, efficiency and transparency both on intercompany and intracompany levels with a stringent regulatory compliance, reporting and audit requirements. The solution was designed for industry consortia, including manufacturers, financial institutions (trade finance), traders, quality assurance organisations, shipping companies, distribution and logistics, government regulators and end consumers.

The process flows include all stages, including:

– manufacturing and serialisation

– shipping and logistics

– cross-level distribution

– sales to end consumers

Solution includes:

  • End-to-end supply chain track-&-trace system
  • Inventory risk-management system (integrated with SCADA & ERP)
  • Mobile and desktop application

Business Benefits for Participants

  • Secured Digital asset tracking
  • Elimination of fraud-invoicing and documentation errors
  • Reduction in counterfeit stock
  •  Reduction in recall and wastage of goods
  •  Improved stock management
  •  Decreased operation costs in stock management
  •  Streamlined compliance audit and reporting
  •  Optimised business forecasting
  •  Sustainability compliance and reporting
  •  Optimised trading transactions
  •  Compliance with GS1 standards